The United States Army was charged with keeping the peace and good order during the Land Run days. The United States Senate adopted a Resolution,


Resolved: That the Secretary of War be directed to transmit to the Senate copies of the various reports of military officers in relation to the affairs at Guthrie and Oklahoma City, Ind.T., from the opening to settlement of said Territory.

Those documents were transmitted by the Secretary of War on February 25, 1890, and were ordered to be printed. Each of the 61 pages of that report is located at http://www.1st-hand-history.org/Exdocs/Exdoc72/album1.html but those pages which pertain to Oklahoma City directly are included here, the Cover Page and pages 14-54. Other pages in the full report cover events at El Reno, Kingfisher, and Guthrie. The scans from that source have been reduced in size for quicker loading and for printing purposes in thse pages.

The body background for these pages is a painting entitled “Oklahoma City - April 29, 1889 Seven Days After The Land Run of 1889,” by artist Wayne Cooper of Depew, Oklahoma. It is permanently displayed in the lobby of the House of Representatives. However, it would seem that the artist may not have had the benefit of some of the more raucous goings-on, some of which are described in the Secretary of War’s report!



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