Born near downtown (St. Anthony's) in 1943, I returned to my birth city while in law school in 1965-68, and, after a stint in the Army, permanently in 1970. I'm proud to say that Oklahoma City is my hometown of both birth and choice! Here, you will find a detailed clickable map to current downtown Oklahoma City buildings as well as vintage pictures beginning with the April 1889 Land Run that got Oklahoma City a place on the map! All pages are linked together so you can start from where/what you want, below. Pages will open in separate windows. If you find mistakes, or if you have downtown images you'd like to contribute, please feel free to send me an e-mail: Today's Downtown Map & Images

  Yesterday's Downtown Map & Images

Vintage Pages by Decades
For a chronological look at Vintage Oklahoma City, click below:

  The Vintage Introduction

  The 1st Decade (1889-1899)

  The 2nd Decade (1900-1909)

  The 3rd Decade (1910-1919)

  The 4th Decade (1920-1929)

  The 5th Decade (1930-1939)

  The 6th Decade (1940-1949)

  The 7th & 8th Decades (1950-1969)

  Vintage Ends - 1977

Additional Vintage Pages
Alterntives to the Vintage Decades approach are:

  The Vintage Cover Page (if you want to print Vintage as a book)

  The Vintage Downtown Map (to access buildings by the map)

  Vintage Building Index (to access builidngs by name)

  The Vintage Movie Theaters (to only see the vintage theaters)

Today's Downtown Map

Yesterday's Downtown Map


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1st revision: 6/15/2005; multiple revisions after that; latest Vintage Downtown revision: 9/14/2005; latest Current Downtown revision: 9/30/2005