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1996 - 2004 by Doug Loudenback, Oklahoma City, OK
All Rights Reserved

For Oklahoma Lawyers Only

NEW on 8/22/2004! High Income Child Support Computations - GM 6.0 Patch 2! New Grande Macros have been added to Grande Macros 6.0 - Child Support Computation in high income (over $15,000/month combined parental income) cases. It performs 2 computations (although you can limit it to only one) - computation under Mocnick v. Mocnick and/or computation under Smith v. Smith, each of which produce QUITE different results - see the screenshot, below. After the document is made, just change party incomes or number of children to immediately recalculate the results in the existing document and without having to run the macro again. It works either as a "stand-alone" from the main menu or fro within the Child Support Computation program. Grande Macros 6.0 Patch 2 is available in the Grande Macros Users area for free download to lawyers owning a license to Grande Macros 6.0. As always, you can only access the Users area by Username and Password. Click here for a screenshot.   Click here if you don't have your Username and Password to the private Grande Macros Users area.

Grande Macros is an automated document-maker and research tool for Oklahoma Lawyers. It creates hordes of pleadings, orders, letters, forms, etc., and consists of more than 1,100 files on the installation CD. See the Grande Macros Detail area for more information than is shown in this page. Although it produces numerous "general law" documents (e.g., motions for default, to compel, cover sheets, summons, subpoenas, courthouse and road maps, judge photos, clerk info, letters, etc.), its principal focus is Oklahoma Family Law and Oklahoma Appeals or Original Proceedings. Grande Macros licensees are exclusively limited to Oklahoma lawyers, and the program may not lawfully be used by anyone else (other than lawyer assistants in the course of their employement by a lawyer) and cannot lawfully be used by anyone to create pro se documents.

Grande Macros 6.0 Patch 1 Is Available at no charge to licensed Grande Macros 6.0 users in the Grande Macros Users area. Click here to read the Patch 1 Release Notes.

Click here for a Grane Macros 6.0 preview!

Revision History, v6.0 & v5.5

Grande Macros 6.0 Patch 1
Added Temporary Orders
Added Features to Grande Math
Numerous corrections and improvements

Grande Macros 6.0
Added Appeals from DHS/OAH Court
Added Pleading Caption for DHS/OAH Proceedings
Added Child Support Real Time Calculator
Added Feature Allowing User Modification To Court Clerks
Added DD Form 2293 - Former Spouse Application
Expanded Discovery to include custody, support modification
Added Divorce Client Worksheet
Expanded and updated Family Law Statutes
Improved and Added New Options To Client Fee Contract
Added Income Trial Court Exhibit
Added IRS Form 8332 - Child Exemption
Added Judge Photos County by County
Added Judicial Districts Information
Expanded Highway and Courthouse Maps
Added Medical Records Substance and Abuse Law
Added Medical Records Release, Motion/Notice/Order for Medical Records
Added Motion For Default Judgment
Added Paternity Petition
Added Pretrial Conference Statement
Added Property Division Trial Exhibit
Added Publication Notice Documents
Added Qualified Medical Child Support Order
Updated Standard Visitation Orders
Added WordPerfect helper files - automatic paragraph numbering, Publish to PDF
Numerous Corrections and Improvements

Grande Macros 5.5
Added Courthouse and Regional Road Maps
Rewrote Oklahoma Mileage Macro To Include Above
Rewrote All Macros To Include New Case Caption Requirements
Added Grande Math and Date Calculator
Added PDF Searchable Library
Updated Child Custody and Visitation Anthology
Updated Child Support CLE
Updated Family Law Statutes
Added Child Data (Records) Anthology
Added DHS Bank Match Statutes and Commentary
Added Grandparent Visitation Research Paper
Added Guardian Ad Litem Motion for and Order Appointing
Added IRS Form 8332
Updated and Expanded Family Law Statutes
Added Parental Relocation Notice (letter, notice)
Added Motion for and Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator
Added Summary of Support Order (SOSO)
Added Temporary Orders CLE
Added WordPerfect Helper Files (editing toolbar, keyboard, CUS & DOS keyboard shortcuts)
Revised Applications for Temporary Orders
Improved Personal Setup Routines
Rewrote Disctrict Court Cover Sheets
Improved Divorce Decree To Include Parental Relocation Provisions
Updated and Improved Income Assignment Documents
Added Joint Custody Plan
Improved Judge Signature Macro
Updated and Improved Court Clerk Data To Include Fax Numbers
Expanded Subpoena Macro to include Lawyer Issued Subpoena
Added Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice for Summons
Updated Verification Macro to include non-notary Verification
Numerous Technical Improvements

History prior to Grande Macros 5.5 is not summarized here. To see the other things Grande Macros does, go to the Grande Macros Detail or Pics pages.