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You're at my personal web site and I hope you find it useful and easy to use. Mainly, it's about Oklahoma divorce and related issues, WordPerfect, Grande Macros, Oklahoma, and, particularly, my Downtown Oklahoma City maps, present and vintage images, about which I'm quite pleased with myself! If you have comments or questions, I or my exceptional Assistant, Traci Keller, will try to be helpful, time permitting.

Passwords are needed for the Grande Macros Users area but not any other areas. To navigate, use the top map, sidebar or links in the pages. Click here for News!


A general note of caution: Changes in divorce law are constant and can occur at any time either through new legislation or new state or federal court decisions. Each year, many such changes will occur. Your best and most current information will come from a lawyer who is competent in divorce practice and who keeps abreast of such changes and who is familiar with your own particular marital history.

A note for non-lawyers: While the materials here are intended to be generally useful, no materials or content in this website do any of the following:


The materials or your reading of them do not create a lawyer/client relationship. An attorney/client relationship is formed by a personal exchange of information between a lawyer and the client or prospective client.


The materials do not give "legal advice". Information contained here should be considered similar to a book you might acquire by an author who knows absolutely nothing about you or your facts or circumstances. "Real" legal advice should come from a lawyer you consult who is wholly informed about your facts and circumstances.

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A Note For Lawyer Grande Macros Users: The Grande Macros Users area is password protected. v4.0 through v6.0 Grande Macros © 1996-2005 licensees may obtain access to this area by obtaining the password from me by e-mail message. That's the only way. If I find you to be in the list of purchasers (from information submitted to me by the Oklahoma Bar Association), I will send you the password on my reading of your e-mail message within 48 hours or sooner (unless I'm out of town) after your e-mail message. Updates, upgrades, and/or other complimentary WordPerfect for Windows macros are in the WordPerfect and/or Grande Macros Users areas.

About this Web Site: These Web pages originally made with the Trellix 2.1 component of the Corel WordPerfect 2000 Suite. They have been modified using WordPerfect's publish to html features.

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