2000 - 2004 by Doug Loudenback, Oklahoma City, OK, all rights reserved

Survey of Oklahoma Divorce & Modification Issues is a research-oriented alternative to my Loudenback's Lay Guide To Oklahoma Divorce, formerly maintained at DivorceNet.com. I concluded my DivorceNet relationship 12/1/2004 and will be revising the Lay Guide and posting it here as time permits. The Survey is more thorough in its approach, even though similar topics are covered in each document. Survey is intended for those needing more than summary statements by me and includes numerous statutory and appellate case law authorities, unlike the Lay Guide which does not.

Nothing in Survey of Oklahoma Divorce & Modification Issues creates an attorney/client relationship or gives any legal advice which is fact-specific to any particular marital history. For that, you should consult with an Oklahoma lawyer who, after learning the facts, will give you such advice. This document is not a substitute for any such consultation and advice.

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   About This Document
   Chapter 1: First, Before You Go Any Further
   The Adversarial Nature of Divorce and the Finality of Judgments
   The Divorce Kit Do-It-Yourself Mentality
   Chapter 2: Jurisdiction & Venue (not done)
   Child Issues
   Modification Issues
   Chapter 3: Procedure (not done)
   Procedures Before Trial
   Procedures After Trial & Appeal
   Chapter 4: Divorce Issues
   Are We Married, or What's The Deal?
   Grounds For Divorce
   Child Custody & Visitation (not done)
   Child Support (not done)
   Separate Property (not done)
   Marital Estate Division (not done)
   Spousal Support (not done)
   Attorney Fees & Litigation Expenses (not done)
   Chapter 5: Post-Divorce Issues (not done)
   Enforcement (not done)
   Modification (not done)
   Chapter 6: Additional Resources (not done)