WEBSITES KINDLY LINKING TO MINE. These links are not just family law oriented, but also include WordPerfect-oriented and law-related websites. I'm pleased to be linked as a resource in their websites to mine. Here, I return the favor!

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OBA Family Law Section. Selected and occasional activities of the OBA Family Law Section are reported here.


Oklahoma Courthouse Maps. How do you get to the Courthouse? These maps show you how for all 77 Oklahoma counties.


Principal Oklahoma Divorce Statutes @ OSCN. Title 43 Oklahoma Statutes will be in this window.



All Oklahoma Statutes. Links to “Titles”; most family law statutes are in Titles 10, 43 & 56.



Court Docket Search. OSCN's docket search feature.



Advanced Legal Research. Use words & phrases to search OSCN’s database.



Batch Citator. Paste Clipboard contents into this the Citator for immediate access to citations.



Oklahoma Court Administrator's Forms. May be in revision and some forms may be antiquated.



State Court Judiciary. OSCN's State Court Judiciary feature. There, click a county in the map.


Oklahoma District Court Records. This non-OSCN website contains district court information, not necessarily as complete as OSCN’s but includes many counties not yet participating in OSCN.


AG's Oklahoma Public Legal Research System. This Attorney General's site includes unpublished Oklahoma appellate decisions. While they can't be cited for authority, they are useful in research. Decisions are from 1936 though current.


Oklahoma Bar Association. The state bar's website.


OBA-NET. A subscription area for Oklahoma lawyers. If you've not subscribed, subscription information is provided.


New! Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog. Jim, Director of the OBA Management Assistance Program, has lots of practice tips and resources.


Oklahoma Legislature. This is the state Legislature's web site and includes, among other things, history and action upon pending legislation during legislative sessions.


Legal Aid Services Oklahoma. Home page for Legal Aid (no longer separated into east/west units). For people in Oklahoma who qualify for their services, this organization provides quality legal service for many who cannot afford private representation.


Legal Aid's Law Reference Area. Legal information on various topics: family law, public benefits, seniors, individual rights, work, consumer, housing, disability and life planning law areas.


Oklahoma Hotline References. Assistance with various crisis situations, including child runaway, abuse, domestic violence and other exigent circumstances.


Tulsa County's Families In Transition. Tulsa County (some would say, "The State of Tulsa", has embarked on a unique procedural course for family law cases and that county's FIT web site gives considerable explanation as well as several other Tulsa County resources.


Oklahoma DHS Child Support Enforcement Serivces (CSED). For those using DHS CSED services, you can find information about the public services available here.


Tulsa's Kent Moreland's MoreLaw civil litigation resources. If you're looking for civil, not family, law stuff with jury verdict info and many good links, this is a great place to go

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ABA Family Law Section. The American Bar Association's web site contains useful information and links to more specific areas of interest.


Katsuey's Legal Gateway. One of the better legal search resources on the Internet.


FindLaw. Another fine legal research Web site


Cornell University's US Supreme Court (Legal Information Institute). This renowned Web site allows you to locate and read full text US Supreme Court decisions.


Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Research. Although not reaching very far backwards in time, this site (which includes Oklahoma federal courts) gives links to help with research if you don't need to go back further than the 1990's.


Links to All Federal Courts. This useful list, maintained by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the U.S. Courts, should be helpful for all United States Courts.



Where Can I Look It Up? This fine site links to hordes of dictionary, words/phrases, literary and other on-line resources, an extremely useful page for 'wordsmiths.' Go there at least once to see what it's like.