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Click here for the new MS WORD features, if interested. I am very honored to be a Corel WordPerfect Case Study.


• WordPerfect CUA and DOS Keyboard Shortcut Keys This 7 page PDF document lists 176 shortcut keystrokes for WordPerfect 10's CUA keyboard and 140 shortcut keystrokes for Wp10's DOS keyboard. Each keyboard has 2 indices - alphabetically by keystroke, and alphabetically by function/purpose. 313 KB, 7/20/02. View the PDF file

• What Specific WordPerfect Release Do I Have? All WordPerfect major versions, 6.1, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0, have more specific “minor” release versions. Generally, the “later” minor releases (usually contained in various “Service Packs”, most of which can be downloaded from Corel’s WordPerfect download sites (see Links, below), work better than the “earlier” releases. To know what your particular “minor version” release is, in WordPerfect, select Help|About WordPerfect... and a dialog will appear telling you the specific release number of WordPerfect you are using.

• Changing WordPerfect Default Document & Footnote Styles. This 5 page PDF document shows you how to change default document and footnote styles, e.g., changing fonts, justification, etc. 184 KB, 5/22/05. View the PDF file


Upgrading Your WordPerfect Table Skills. When it's all done, the paper will include the 3 parts identified below (only Part I is done now). Even when done, the paper will NOT be a thorough review of WordPerfect Tables features and should only be considered as a reasonably good starting point for the topics covered.

• Part I: Getting Down The Basics. This 13 page PDF document covers WordPerfect Version Variations; Vocabulary; Interface Items; Making Tables; Formatting the Table; Borders/Fill; Table Position; Adding & Deleting Rows & Columns; Joining & Splitting Cells. 562 KB, 7/24/05. View the PDF file

• Part II: Beginning to Make It Hum. Copying Tables; Joining Tables; Sorting Table Data; Using Line Numbering in Tables; Simple Formulas; The Formula Toolbar & How to Use it. NOT YET AVAILABLE.

• Part III: Designing A Porsche When A Model T Just Won't Do. Using Advanced Formulas; Referencing Values in Different Tables. NOT YET AVAILABLE.


General Macro Warning to Wp 11 Users: WordPerfect 11 (original edition) apparently got something wrong with some of its initial macro stuff, fixed in Wp11 SP1. Some macros written in Wp11 (original ... will not run correctly in Wp11 SP1 ( and vice versa. Click here for more information. Use Get&Compile, below, to fix the problem.

In this area, I'll post some general-purpose WordPerfect macros that I've made, available for anyone's download and use as well as some other WordPerfect Macro information.

Default WordPerfect Macro Directories

Clean codes from a document

Convert Footnotes/Endnotes to Text

Quick File Open Alternative to Windows/WP Default

Quickly Insert Postal BarCode in a WordPerfect document

All 2500+ WordPerfect 10/11 Macro Commands


OBA FLS Practice Manual Macro




All Macros In Directories

Common Person's Macro Manual

Mike's Macro Arrays: Beginning To Intermediate Theory

WordPerfect Macro
(revised 4/25/2005)

Running Macros From Your Keyboard



• A Common Person's Macro Manual. This is MY baby! The initial release was on 3/28/2004; minor updates on 3/30/2004 and 3/31/2004; substantial update to some chapters on 6/22/2004 (posted here on 7/1/2004). The manual consists of 13 PDF files which are extensively bookmarked, illustrated, and linked together for quicker internet access than would be the case if the PDF files were combined into one file. Altogether, the WordPerfect macros manual is presently 192 pages long but that includes a few blank pages at the end of each chapter for notes and later expansion. Even though the manual is broken into parts, some of the PDF chapters are fairly large and will take a bit of time to load for dial-up users. The manual is accessed by clicking the following link which will open a no-frame html page in a separate window for easier reading. Click here to access the manual.

This isn’t the only “macros manual” located here. For a macros manual which teaches the theory of PerfectScript Arrays and goes vastly beyond that topic’s minimal treatment in “A Common Person’s Macro Manual”, click here.

• NEW!  Michael L. Fitzhugh's "PerfectScript Array Theory: Beginning to Intermediate". This is MIKE’S baby, as is everything located withing this box! I'm pleased to host Mike Fitzhugh's 93 page paper which explores PerfectScript arrays at great length. It contains an introduction which is written for macro writers who are NOT particularly adept at writing arrays (like me!) and then plunges into a comprehensive discussion of PerfectScript array theory. Mike has written a gem of a WordPerfect macro resource which is available to all! You can read and contribute discussion about Mike's project in these threads at WordPerfect Universe: the developmental thread and the post-developmental thread. The document is available here in PDF and WordPerfect format (the latter being in a zip file). Like all such documents, writers like to revisit and make changes to their work from time to time, and if and when Mike makes changes to the document posted here, I'll comment on the revision history here. Initial post: 1/13/2005. This (2nd) version's date is 1/17/2005. Click (or right-click and pick from a menu) what you want: View the PDF file (512 KB) Download the WP version (202 KB; Zip File)


Note: If you have trouble viewing/downloading either file, send an e-mail to Doug. If you have questions about the paper's content, send an e-mail to Mike (which may be answered if time permits) or, better still, participate in the on-going discussion at WordPerfect Universe.

About the Author (as Mike writes it):


Mike has been a WordPerfect user since 4.0 for DOS came out when he was a college freshman. Later, he earned a Master's degree in English with a specialization in technical writing and subsequently taught tech writing for several years; he became a bona-fide fan of WordPerfect during that time because, forced to use Microsoft Word by the educational institutions he worked for, he realized just how perfect the Utah-born word processor truly was. (He used WordPerfect exclusively when he moonlighted as a part-time freelance writer.) Then he returned to school for a Ph.D. in history at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was the department's webmaster for two years before the university began outsourcing web development. Combining a love of science and technology with a passion for art, literature, and the human dilemmas that make up our past, Mike has far too many interests for any sane person, but his madness is of the nice, quiet, afternoon-tea sort that doesn't bother anyone else (unless they say something in praise of Microsoft or the new, so-called "trusted computing", in which case they bring what follows upon themselves). Like Bilbo Baggins, Mike lives in a hole in the ground – a basement apartment – but when he finishes his doctorate in late 2005 he does hope to get a job and move up in the world. (When that time rolls around, potential employers will become more important than the President, the Pope, and the Queen of England combined, and are heartily encouraged to contact Mike about opportunities with their organization).

About the Author (as Doug writes it):


It is truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to host such a fine macro paper as Mike’s is – especially an on a topic which is barely covered in WordPerfect’s PerfectScript Help files, or, for that matter, anywhere else that I know of in such a systematic and thorough manner as Mike presents it. I’m sure, in the future, that Mike will establish his own website and that “it is written ”he should do so” when the time is right! But, for now, the pleasure is mine. God knows, “macro arrays” are baffling to me beyond the most rudimentary knowledge. But, even in my “array-know-little” state, I’ve previously transformed a few macros (essentially containing database and/or “lookup” spreadsheet functions) which did not contain arrays, and which were quite large in their file-size and compilation time (have a cup of coffee while you wait), into macros which were vastly smaller in file-size and race car fast in their compilation and operation time – not even time for even a sip of java. So, it’s not that I didn’t already appreciate the practical value of arrays, it’s just that I didn’t understand them, and, so, know what to do. Even though Mike disavows his “present” paper as a tutorial, and it’s not (yet!), consider it to be the “bright light” which goes off in your head whenever it is that you grasp the concepts (theory) that he teaches here. You WILL NOT FIND anything approaching his teaching anywhere else – not on the internet, not in books you buy, not anywhere!


If Mike elects to stick other stuff at my website, e.g., some cool macros or other WordPerfect stuff, he has my open invitation to do so! If he does, it will be located within this “room” I’ve carved out just for him!

Top of Mike’s Stuff

• WordPerfect Macro Default Directories Unless otherwise stated, it's best to copy macros to your default WordPerfect macro directory. That default directory varies depending on your WordPerfect version. If you accepted installation defaults, the likely default macro directories are:


• WordPerfect 8: C:\Corel\Suite8\Macros\WpWin


• WordPerfect 9: WordPerfect 9 varies. If you had a early release, through Service Pack 2, it will be in your C:\Program Files\ directory, but if you have the later versions, Service Pack 3 or 4, it will be in the C:\Windows\ directory shown below: Early versions: C:\Program Files\Corel\WordPerfect Office 2000\Macros\WpWin. Later versions: C:\Windows\Application Data\Corel\PerfectScript\9\WordPerfect


In WindowsXP: WordPerfect 10: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Applications Data\Corel\PerfectScript\10\WordPerfect


In WindowsXP: WordPerfect 11: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Applications Data\Corel\PerfectScript\11\WordPerfect


In WindowsXP: WordPerfect 12: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Applications Data\Corel\PerfectScript\12\WordPerfect

• CleanDoc.wcm CleanDoc.wcm automatically eliminates the following codes if present within an open document: Widow/Orphan, Left HZone, Right HZone, Font, Font Size, Footer Separator, Header Separator, Justification, Line Break, Page Break, Line Height, Line Spacing, Margin Codes, Graphic Lines, Block Protect, Extra Large, Very Large, Large, Small, Fine, Small Caps & other font size codes, Suppress and Delay Codes, and formatting codes for Endnotes & Footnotes (NOT the notes themselves). Optionally, it also eliminates the following: tab settings, paragraph and outline styles, bold, underline, italics and headers and/or footers. This macro may be used with any document but may have particular value in eliminating these codes from a MS Word document opened in WordPerfect. For WordPerfect 8 or higher only. Screenshot Download


• ConvertFE.wcm This macro converts a document's footnotes or endnotes to text, replacing actual footnote/endnote codes in a document to superscript numbers and replacing the former footnotes or endnotes to text notes matching the numbers at the end of the document. This macro lends itself to publications (e.g., journals, newsletters, etc.) in which true endnotes or footnotes are less than desirable. For WordPerfect 8 or higher. Screenshot (animated gif) Download


• Qopen.wcm This 2001 revision to an earlier macro by the same or similar names allows users to quickly search for and then open multiple files located in user specified disk drives and/or specific directories/folders. It's companion macro automates revision of the main macro to suit a user's needs. Qopen includes instructions about either manual or automatic revision. 10 Disk Drive's and 39 specific directories can be preset. The self-executing WinZip file contains 2 macros and they must located in the SAME directory. It doesn't matter WHICH directory, but it must be the SAME directory. For WordPerfect 8 or higher. Screenshot (animated gif) Download

• QZipBar.wcm This macro automates the process of inserting a postal barcode below a zip code in letters, labels, etc. The macro should be mapped to a keystroke combination (e.g., Alt+Z) for speed of use. For WordPerfect 8 through 11 only. Screenshot Download

• Math.wcm Revised 6/5/04 (replacing the earlier versions). This macro is a math and date calculator to be used in WordPerfect and is most useful if mapped to your keyboard, e.g., Ctrl+M. It does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a couple of percentages - one number of the other, or one number of the total. It calculates dates, including 'lawyer' dates'. The version which comes with v5.5 & v6.0 Grande Macros (not this one) also computes QDRO dates. It will write either the result, or the formula used and the result, into a WordPerfect document. For WordPerfect 8 or higher only. Screenshot (animated gif) Download

• PlanningCalendar.wcm Revised 4/25/2005 (beta version 2). This macro works with its associated WordPerfect file, PlanningCalendar.wpd. Mainly intended for lawyer use, it can be used to calculate and enter future dates based upon the number of days entered for an item, for example, the date that a task must be completed if it is due 45 days from a certain date, or, conversely, the "lead time" date to perform certain tasks if a negative number of days is used, e.g., if a Pretrial is scheduled for 8/1/2005, the number of days prior to that date to have documents, etc., ready to exchange with opposing counsel. As you will see in the animated gif file, new "Planning Calendars" can be made from an existing file which is modeled on the original PlanningCalendar.wpd document, as well as adding or deleting table rows, and calculating dates. For WordPerfect 8 and higher.  Click here for more information, a screenshot, and optional download, if you want.

• WordPerfect 10/11 Macro Commands In this PDF file (594 KB), I've assembled a 121 page hypertexted document which includes the 2175 System and Product Commands and the 473 PerfectScript commands for WordPerfect 10 Macro language - as far as I'm aware, no commands were added, removed or modified in WordPerfect 11. The source(s) for this document are the two command 'dumps' made using the Command Browser feature of the PerfectScript 10 Utility. The 'dumped' text files were reformatted and hypertexted in WordPerfect 10 and were then Published To PDF in WordPerfect 10. The 'notes' which comment upon each command are pretty Spartan, but if you need a document which lists and briefly describes the 2175 System and Product Commands and the 473 PerfectScript Commands, you are welcome to view or download the file, as you prefer. Click here to open the PDF document. In IE 5, right-click on the link and select Save Target As... to save it to disk.

• Using ChangeForm.wcm In this PDF file (321 KB), particular instructions are provided about using the ChangeForm.wcm WordPerfect macro which is included with the OBA Family Law Section 2002 Practice Manual, much more thoroughly than the instructions I provided in the Practice Manual’s A30.pdf file therein. Click here to open the PDF document. In IE 5, right-click on the link and select Save Target As... to save it to disk. You may also download ChangeForm.wcm if you want ... although it is particularly designed to work with the OBA FLS 2002 Practice Manual, with modification it might have other uses. Click here to download the macro in a Winzip self-extracting file Click here for a screenshot.


• Using Get&Compile.wcm Get&Compile.wcm works in WordPerfect 8 or higher. It forces all macros in a directory you select to recompile, even if they are already compiled, and it does this automatically. Click here for the WordPerfect 11 reason to use this macro. Click here to download the macro in a Winzip self-extracting file. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

• Running Macros From Your Keyboard. This 2 page PDF file shows you how to edit your WordPerfect keyboards to run macros with combination keystrokes. 128 KB; 7/26/2005. Click here to open the file.


WORDPERFECT TIPS (click on a link for a short html or pdf tutorial, as indicated)

 • Tip 1: How To Add a Macro Icon To Your WordPerfect Toolbar (html) ALL of WordPerfect’s Icon Toolbar (the row of “pictures” usually located immediately below the program’s Menu) are totally configurable by individual users. You can add an icon to perform most any WordPerfect feature, if not all. As well, you can delete any icon you never or rarely use from the Icon Toolbar. All of this is done in the WordPerfect Toolbar Editor. This illustrates how to do any/all of that.

 • Tip 2: How To Use the Keyboard Editor to Make a Keyboard Shortcut (html) What's said above about editing your Icon Toolbar is also true about your keyboard. You can edit the keyboard you want to use by adding keystroke combinations to make those combinations execute a WordPerfect feature, run other software programs, run macros. This example shows you how to make Alt+R a "flush right" command but the same steps apply to automating any other WordPerfect features, other software programs, or macros to keyboard keystroke combinations. Also, see "Running Macros From Your Keyboard", above.

 • Tip 3: Paste Special (html) After you've copied something to the Windows Clipboard (particularly from a MS Word Document, would you like to "paste" that stuff into a WordPerfect document without all the crappy paragraph, styles and other formatting that was in the originally copied text? Then, use WordPerfect's Paste Special ... routines.

• Tip 4: Dot Leader to Right Margin (html) Want to make an Index or Table of Contents page with the "topic" on the left margin with a dot leader to the right margin, followed by the page number reference (eg, in an appellate brief)? No problemo with WordPerfect. Unlike Microsoft Word (which justifies all text on the same line with the same justification), WordPerfect lets you do it your way ... parts of the same line can have different justifications. So, the text at the left margin can be "left" justified... a part in the "center" of the line can be "center" justified... and the part at the right margin can be "right" justified without having to create tables or jump through other hoops with what is a simple routine in WordPerfect, including Dot Leaders to Right Margin.

• Tip 5: Skewed Tables (html) Before WordPerfect 9, tables were like "boxes". But, in WordPerfect 9 or 10, your tables can have the top row or right column "skewed" ... at a slant ... giving a very professional presentation.

• Tip 6: Using a Quattro Pro or Excel spreadsheet to make mailing labels in WordPerfect (pdf, 555 KB) If you have (or make) a spreadsheet file containing a membership database (so to speak) and need to create a horde of Avery mailing labels in WordPerfect to do a mass mailing, this shows you how. Click here for smaller HTML file with no graphics

WORDPERFECT LINKS: Excellent WordPerfect Web Sites . . . hover your mouse over a link for a brief description of the particular website

THE BEST PLACE FOR NEWS AND HELP: WordPerfect Universe's User to User Forum

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Corel's Knowledge Base For All Products - hover mouse over this to see more info

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